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I received an email from Medium the other day sharing tips on how to ‘Grow your writing in 2021’ and it suddenly occurred to me, as I read the headline, that I hadn’t written anything in almost a year. I giggled to myself as I read the first tip…

“For writing resolutions, often a good place to start is in building regular writing practice”

…as if it were simple! The following advice was all about finding inspiration in interesting places and translating that as subject matter for your writing. To be fair, there was some great advice, presuming your problem was finding things to write about.

But what if you have the opposite problem? What…

“This morning, at 2am I woke in fright. Words so familiar to me, echoing in my mind. But I couldn’t place their origin. Cold creeped over me when I remembered…I wrote these words months ago. They sat unpublished until today. I feel a strange shortness of breath at the premonition like nature of some of them…now more relevant than ever. “

Written: Dec 2019. Published: March 2020

You know that proverb people use when they lack control of a situation, or the immediate inability to see a clear path through the fallout? …

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In the last decade, there has been a dramatic surge in the development of disruptive thinking models to aid as tools in the process of strategic innovation across a vast range of industries. As a result, several highly respected and regularly utilised frameworks have emerged by key organisations leading the disruptive innovation revolution.

While most models share a similar process flow, in that all begin with developing an understanding of the broader context of the problem and end with the production and measurement of impact and outcomes, the slight variation in each framework offers new opportunities to innovate in a…

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At this time of year feeds on every channel are over-run with reflections on what has been in the year gone by; and what we are hoping to be [or not to be] in the time to come. And every year as the final hours draw to a close I find myself getting quite emotional with an onslaught of feelings somewhere between ‘thank god it’s over, I’m so exhausted’ and ‘this is going to be the year, I can feel it.’ But this year has been very different. …

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Across the globe, young activists and agitators are driving a movement for massive change. A war is underway against the systems that have historically controlled their futures, in an epic fight of “fuck you, what’s the point, you can’t have it both ways!” Putting aside race, culture, sex, religion, orientation, social class, economic position and more, the youth of the 21st have come together with one common enemy in sight …Their forefathers.

Inspired by the likes of Greta Thunberg, Milala Yosafzai, Emma Gonzales, Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, Asean Johnson, Katie Eder and more…..these …

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A discussion recently ensued amongst some of the parents at my daughter's school regarding access to technology, acceptable allowances and boundaries. Like us, many parents noted that increased access to Ipads brought with it an increase in poor behaviour, tantrums and a general metamorphosis of their children into foreign evil spawn they did not recognise.

The allowance of the Ipad is always a tricky thing in our house. Almost all of the work my husband and I do is digital based, so interaction with a screen at some point during the day is somewhat of a norm. My daughter also…

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All of life is an exchange. A constant pendulum of positive and negative energy working feverishly to achieve balance. A cause and effect for everything. A price for every privilege. And the cost of being the ‘most evolved’ beings of our time is certainly a high one.

So much anguish plagues our hearts as we try to balance our expectations of ourselves and those around us, with what we receive in reality, or can feasibly achieve. So much weight we carry in exchange for the great joy and love we are able to feel. The challenge in the fight for…

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I have worked in the wedding industry for near a decade now. During this time there has been much change and growth. As all these elements have shifted and changed, so too have we and our voices.

Recently, something extraordinary happened in our community. After a very long and very difficult fight, same-sex couples were finally granted equal rights to marriage in Australia, and as an industry built on a fundamental belief in love, we [the industry] rejoiced alongside them.

But the celebration has been short-lived.

The welcoming of this change has not been as embraced by those who proport…

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As the sun sets on another summer holiday, the dull percussion of a million Tupperware avalanches hitting the kitchen floor can be heard echoing through the neighbourhood. Freshly pressed uniforms are hung as kids everywhere ready themselves for the beginning of another school year.

In the morning, feeds will be filled with images of excited faces. Kids dressed in a kaleidoscope of uniforms, posing alongside their glowing parents so thankful that the day has finally arrived! …

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Once again that time of year has arrived.

As the sparklers die out and we are left trying to remove the glitter from all those awkward places, we come crashing back to the reality of the next 365 day cycle that lies ahead. And somewhere between the last threads of one year and the first of the next, there is a brief moment where time stands still and we try to project a version of ourselves into the future that is better than the one we carry in the present. …

Maria Tsudon

Designer. Photographer. Writer. Creator. Educator

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